Chemistry graphicWhat if Sophomore Organic Chemistry Lab was the best three hours of the week?! That is my quest. I want to take the three hours of contact time with my students in the lab and make it the best learning experience possible for them. I want them to be enthusiastic, engaged, inquisitive, and happy. I know that I am the envy of my Liberal Arts colleagues. What humanities professor would not jump at the chance to challenge and engage their students an extra three hours a week? Not only is there the attraction of spending more quality time with the students, there is also the kinetic learning aspect of labs. Not everyone learns well by sitting in a lecture taking notes. (In fact, current pedagogical research suggests that no one learns well that way.) I am a chemist primarily because I like my hands and my intellect to work together. I feel more affinity for an art teacher than I do a history teacher in that regard. If I didn’t have an opportunity to get my hands dirty in the lab, it would be similar to being slowly roasted over hot coals i.e. becoming an administrator! Not wanting my students to grow up to become administrators, I want to share my passion for chemical experimentation with them.


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