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Week 10: Synthesis of Chemiluminescent Esters

1) Source(s) This lab was developed by a team of students from a recent JCE article: “Synthesis of Chemiluminescent Esters: A Combinatorial Synthesis Experiment for Organic Chemistry Students,” Duarte, Robert; Nielsen, Janne T.; Dragojlovic, Veljko. J. Chem. Educ. 2004, 81, 1010. A good resource for this experiment is a website: “Chemiluminescence of Oxalate Esters” […]

Week 10: Synthesis of Isopentyl Acetate (Banana Oil)

1) Source(s) This lab was developed by a team of students from a website: “Preparation of Banana Oil” Many websites and lab manuals have versions of this very same experiment. I performed this experiment in 1979 from Pavia D. L.; Lampman G. M.; Kriz G. S. “Introduction to Organic Laboratory Techniques: a contemporary approach” […]

Week 9: Synthesis of Azo Dyes

The inspiration for this experiment is from: “A Combinatorial Experiment Suitable for Undergraduate Laboratories” by Benjamin W. Gung and Richard T. Taylor. Journal of Chemical Education, Vol 81, No. 11, November 2004. 2) Changes to published procedure We doubled the quantities used in the JCE article. The 2.6% aqueous sodium carbonate solution was prepared ahead of time. […]

Chemist Seeking a Sustainable Community

Sophomore Organic Chemistry instructor seeks other SOC instructors and students. Objective: sharing informal knowledge and initiating collaborative experiments. I have spent the afternoon trolling the www for like-minded individuals. This has proved to be a little more difficult than it might seem. If there is a community of SOC instructors and students out there waiting […]

Week 8: Synthesis and Recrystallization of Adipic Acid

1) Source(s) Experiment 5, Doxsee, K. M., & Hutchison, J. E. (2004). Green organic chemistry : Strategies, tools, and laboratory experiments Southbank, Vic., Australia ; United States: Thomson-Brooks/ColeWebpage discussion of procedure à Greener Education Materials for Chemists: Green Chemistry in the Organic Teaching Laboratory: An Environmentally Benign Synthesis of Adipic Acid. Sato, Aoki, and Noyori. […]

Open Science in the Sophomore Organic Chemistry Laboratory

The Peer Developed Peer Led sophomore organic chemistry (SOC) laboratory experiment project is offered as an attempt at doing “open science” in the internet age. We are doing our best to document our process and relay the results to others who may be interested in either the process of developing SOC experiments or the experiments […]

If you are not making mistakes, you are not learning

Making mistakes, as much as we don’t like to make them, are an integral part of the learning process. How much room for making mistakes must we allow for in Sophomore Organic Chemistry Lab? As an SOC lab instructor, I certainly don’t want to put students in a situation where innocent mistakes might put them […]

Week 7: Identification of a Conjugated Diene from Eucalyptus Oil

This experiment was adapted by a group of 4 students from: Lehman, J. W., Lehman, J. W., Operational organic chemistry, & 3rd. (2004). Microscale operational organic chemistry : A problem-solving approach to the laboratory course. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Pearson Prentice Hall. This was an interesting find, I thought. I have done a couple of […]