Chemist Seeking a Sustainable Community

Sophomore Organic Chemistry instructor seeks other SOC instructors and students. Objective: sharing informal knowledge and initiating collaborative experiments. I have spent the afternoon trolling the www for like-minded individuals. This has proved to be a little more difficult than it might seem. If there is a community of SOC instructors and students out there waiting to exchange informal knowledge and collaborate, I haven’t managed to locate them. There are, however, a host of interesting communities available. I am currently a member of chemspider, emolecules, technorati, scilink, chemmunity, chemxseer, sciencemadness, usefulchem, curriki, chemgate, and orglist. I am certain to always have new messages in my inbox, but am I going to meet any other SOC instructors who are interested in collaborations? The answer is as obscure as the parade of cyber-monikers that I cited in the previous sentence. On one hand the www has the possibility of opening up to literally everyone with access to an online computer. On the other hand, how do I find people to connect with well enough to form a sustainable community of shared goals and aspirations? It sounds a lot like dating doesn’t it? I’m at the point that its all new and fun. If a community of SOC instructors and students coalesces in any form, I’ll be as astonished as anyone.



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    Well..I’m not sure whether you would be interested in this but ChemSpider is specifically created with the intention of building a structure centric community for chemists.

    We have built a system where you can deposit structures, data, spectra, links, and other annotations. We can host probably most natures of chemistry based collaboration and if you want to discuss you can connect with me at antonyDOTwilliamsATchemspiderDOTcom

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    I’m afraid you’re right in one sense which is that relatively few people who supervise SOC or its equivalents are out there blogging. Nonetheless there are enough sympathetic people about with the right contacts that something might coalesce. I don’t have much to do with organic teaching any more but I do know that people are desperate both for experiments that work (or don’t work in an interesting way) and new ways of doing things. I think even if you can only get one or two other sites involved in the short term then the positive coverage that will generate could really kick of something big. So to summarise, good luck! Happy to help any way I can.

    (see also my comments over at

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