Monthly Archives: May 2008

Class Data Analysis

Data analysis will play a larger role in the new collaborative Organic Chemistry curriculum. I performed three experiments Fall 2007 where students entered their data before leaving the lab. The students were then directed to analyze the “class data” as part of their lab report. This is typically not done in traditional experiments for unknown […]

Collaboration In Organic Chemistry Laboratory I

There is currently a great deal of interest in using the information sharing capabilities of blogs, wikis, and discussion forums to promote undergraduate learning as well as to facilitate collaboration among scientists. In a recent article in Chemical & Engineering News entitled “Wired for Learning: Teachers are tapping into youths’ digital savvy to take science […]

Student Evaluation of Peer-Led Peer Developed Laboratory Sequence

We an assessment instrument similar to the one described was in the supplement for Lorena Tribe & Kim Kostka article is, “Peer-Developed and Peer-Led Labs in General Chemistry” J. Chem. Ed. 2007, 84(6), 1031-1034. I set it up online on the Student Assessment of Learning Gains (SALG) website There were six questions that asked about […]