Monthly Archives: August 2008

Molecular Mechanics

During the first week of the Fall Semester that all the Organic Chemistry lab sections meet, the students do a molecular modeling exercise. What makes Organic chemistry different from most of the other courses the students have taken is the constant reference to molecular structures when talking about chemical properties and reactivity. Organic chemistry takes […]

The Perils of Doing Experiments in Groups

A recent article in “The Teaching Professor” (August-September 2008 ) entitled “Poorly Designed Group Work” caught my eye this past month. Basically, the author says that many undergraduate group projects are not designed to be successful learning experiences. At some schools, group work in pairs (or larger groups) in chemistry laboratory sections is quite routine. Sometimes an […]

Dehydration of Methylcyclohexanols VII

The last installment of this series will explore the logistics of “dehydration of methylcycohexanols” as a collaborative experiments. The most straightforward collaboration would be to perform the “dehydration of methylcycohexanols” experiment in the same way and compare the relative yield of alkenes as measured by GC from different starting alcohols. Comparisons could be made with […]