Monthly Archives: December 2009

Class Management I

Class management is the “teaching” side of science teaching that I often struggle with. I enjoy the science and I enjoy contact with students. If I didn’t like those, I wouldn’t have much of an excuse to do what I do. On the other hand, class management is something that I do reluctantly and without […]

For the Love of Grades

I have developed an analogy that describes some of my feeling about assigning grades. When I was of dating age, I used to hear a lot about the different expectations of men and women in a dating relationship. Men desire physical intimacy, usually described as “sex.” Women desire emotional intimacy, usually described as “love.” The […]

Lecture + Lab versus Lecture or Lab

We currently have a system where first semester organic chemistry lecture and laboratory is counted as one 5 credit course. The lab is considered to account for one of those five credits. As a result, the lab grade is worth 20% of the course grade. In many schools, organic chemistry lecture is a separate course […]