Monthly Archives: February 2010

Show Your True Colors

The second lab of the semester in Introduction to Organic Chemistry was an introduction to three types chromatography applied to the separation of plant pigments. Plant pigments are a great chromatography study because a variety of different plant sources can be used and compared. There are typically at least four or five pigments in all […]

Getting Physical

Our first lab of the semester in “Introduction to Organic Chemistry” was a “physical properties” exploration activity. I incorporated some of the features that I like to include in experiments into this lab. The students were assigned either vanillin or camphor as their solid and limonene or ethyl lactate as their liquid. The four possible […]

Model Students

This year I extended the molecular modeling activity that I do during the laboratory period the first week of class by adding two group “challenge” activities. The students worked together in groups of four to work out these questions once they had finished with the 15-question handout that focused on the constitutional isomers of glycine […]