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This year I extended the molecular modeling activity that I do during the laboratory period the first week of class by adding two group “challenge” activities. The students worked together in groups of four to work out these questions once they had finished with the 15-question handout that focused on the constitutional isomers of glycine (C2H5NO2). The first group task was to make as many C2H5NO2 isomers as they could. There are quite a few – I made about 60 without counting geometric and steroisomers. So this could be considered to be an “open-ended” question for this level student. The next challenge activity was to combine their model kits, construct, and draw a “super” molecule. Four students have C8H20N4O8 to work with. I took a photo of each molecule. I really like this activity. It is transformative, students come in with practically no idea how to draw molecules and manipulate molecular structures and they finish having aquired some essential skills that will help them all semester in Introduction to Organic Chemistry.


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    I like the modeling lab idea! I made a little over 20 isomers before I realized I can go on almost forever. But I learned some other essential skills from that molecule that I can put on my resume! =)

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