Monthly Archives: December 2010

How Fast Can This Thing Go?

A Fall semester experiment that we have been doing for a number of years is a kinetic study of the hydrolysis of 2-chloro-2-methylpropane (tert-butyl chloride). This goes well with the quintessential SN2/SN1 chapter covered Fall semester. It is also one of the very few kinetic experiments I have seen that is appropriate for Organic Chemistry. […]

A Matter of Scale

This year we tried to quantitate the recovery of caffeine isolated from beverages (an other caffeine sources) with HPLC. Normally, I suggest the mass difference method. Obtain the mass of the empty beaker, add the dried dichloromethane extract, evaporate the dichloromethane in a hot water bath, and reweigh the beaker with the caffeine residue. We […]