Extreme Metric Prefixes (greater than 1)

Prefix Abbreviation Exponent a sense of scale
Zetta Z 1021 602.2 Zamu per gram
Vingta V 1020 Diameter of milky way galaxy 9 Vingtameters
Exa E 1018 Volume of water in all Earth oceans = 1.4 Exam3
Peta P 1015 One light year = 9.461 Petameters
Tera T 1012 Orbit of Pluto (radius) = 5.914 Terameters
Anga A 1010 Distance earth to sun 14.97 Angameters
Giga G 109 Solar radius unit = 0.6955 Gigameters
Jabba J 108 Distance earth to moon 3.844 Jabbameters
Friese F 107 Earth’s equatorial diameter 1.276 Freisemeters
Mega M 106 New York to Chicago 1.158 Megameters
Hecta H 105 New York to Boston 3.06 Hectameters
Quatta Q 104 Marathon 4.219 Quattameters
Kilo K 103 One mile 1.609 Kilometers
Centa C 102 football field (w end zones) 1.097 Centameters
Deca D 101 football field (w/o end zones) 9.144 Decameters

The prefixes in red are not authorized by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures.

my thanks to  Dr. Bob Bruner


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    Love the Friesemeters.

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