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Structure Drawing Software

Yesterday, I hosted an extra-curricular workshop for my students to expose them to the chemistry structure drawing freeware put out by Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD). The current version of Chemsketch is very impressive. I was hoping that students would be interested in drawing structures for their lab reports. I had the technology folks download the […]

Data Analysis in Sophomore Organic Chemistry Lab

One of the outcomes of the OChemOnline dynamic sophomore organic chemistry laboratory is the collection and production of data sets. In this regard, there are at least two pertinent questions that need to be addressed: 1) What should be the student’s expectations for data analysis? and 2) Just how “good” is student-generated data? This week […]

Molecular Mechanics

During the first week of the Fall Semester that all the Organic Chemistry lab sections meet, the students do a molecular modeling exercise. What makes Organic chemistry different from most of the other courses the students have taken is the constant reference to molecular structures when talking about chemical properties and reactivity. Organic chemistry takes […]